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Vàik Brewery was founded in 2012 in the city of Campina Grande, PB. The company started inside a laboratory in a business incubation process. Due to a water crisis that the city faced, in 2017 the company migrated to Patos, PB and started its activities only in June of that year, becoming the FIRST CRAFT BREWERY in operation in the state of Paraíba.
Since then, we have sought continuous improvement for our products and innovation for our customers.


The Vàik brand was created by Paulo Canuto, brewer and partner, for use in his first beverage: mead. The first production of the drink lasted about 1 year and 9 months, due to its long stay in European and Brazilian oak barrels.
During the production time, he researched alternatives, including improvements, cost savings, styles and also the history of the drink.
The cultural diversity and the possibility of studying the first man-made alcoholic beverage at least 10,000 years ago made the brewer go deeper into the subject.
In the course of his research, Paulo found that the likely culprits of mead diffusion throughout the ancient world would have been the Vikings, and he somehow wanted to reshape this ancient history by creating its imprint in a way that was closely linked to this civilization.
Then, after a few attempts, he decided that the mark would be a derivation of the Viking word, hence the first brand name: VIK. However, the brewer realized that the pronunciation he wanted was something like "vick" and that if the mark remained as VIK would be pronounced as it is spelled.
After an adjustment, the name brand finally became VAIK, followed by the addition of the cross (`) when it became Vàik.